Back Pain?


Working on MoPars is a great pastime or profession but you know that working under the hood of a car for extended lengths of time measured in days, months, or professionally for years can cause a strain on ones back that can be overlooked as a cause of chronic problems.

Especially if someone has experienced a lumbar disk herniation, I have discovered that people who do not treat their problems early, when they have a condition that takes weeks to subside, often have symptoms of weakness on the affected side, flaccid muscles and a shrinkage in muscle mass due to the inflammation or residual condition created by the original herniation.

Moreover, without early treatment, the spine and its related muscles reorient to the abnormal position and an optimum recovery become more difficult. Performance potential decreases.

At least, an effective treatment strives to relieve pain and regain strength and resolve numbness. Doing that indicates improved blood circulation and less impingement on the nerves that control your lower body.

Lower back problems, unattended could eventually cause problems in any part of the lower body since the lumbar and sacral areas house the root innervation for all functions to the lower body. I’ve treated drivers unable to take their race cars out because their back injuries are too painful to handle hard suspensions.

Symptoms such as foot pain and numbness, knee problems, hips tightness, and even bowel, urination and sexual performance can all be affected by problems in the lower back.

Prescription drugs and steroid injections can work to reduce pain though at the risk of suppressing the body’s own natural response. Acupuncture works on restoring function by stimulating the body’s own chemical response without the additional toxic loading and adverse effects associated with pharmaceuticals.

My patients who respond to acupuncture treatments feel more energy and get more enjoyment out of life.

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